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Michael Chapman, CFA

Michael Chapman, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Michael is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who joined Aviance in 2018 to initially focus on stock selection and portfolio construction for our clients. He has recently expanded his responsibilities to client-facing roles including client service and business development.

After receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, he began his career as a petroleum engineer for Unocal in California. In his spare time, Michael researched stocks and invested his own portfolio. He quickly found a passion that played to his analytical skill set and began contacting investment firms to pursue his new career.  

Michael has since accumulated more than 25 years investment experience with increasing levels of responsibility. Having started his career as a Research Analyst and progressed to Portfolio Manager, Michael has invested assets for multi-billion dollar mutual funds and individual investors alike at such notable companies as JP Morgan-Fleming, Invesco, Private Capital Management, and now with Aviance Capital Partners. With the mathematical and logical thinking skills coupled with an insatiable curiosity and attention to detail often found in engineers, he constructs proprietary models based on his readings of company SEC filings and other sources of information for him to understand how companies operate and generate returns.

Additionally, Michael embodies the entrepreneurial spirit as an owner of a property management company in Southwest Florida and as an investor in commercial buildings and rental properties. He understands the complexities and issues common to business owners making him a knowledgeable resource for clients with questions concerning business structure and valuation, potential tax implications, succession planning, and the rigors of running a business day to day.    

Michael is married with two children and does what he can to enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities Florida offers. He hikes, bikes, paddles, and plays tennis and soccer where he can in and around Southwest Florida.