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Michael Chapman, CFA

Michael Chapman, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Michael spends his time analysing individual companies for inclusion into client portfolios. He builds complex, dynamic spreadsheet models to help him understand how companies operate and generate returns. He feels a deep understanding of individual stocks creates a level of conviction that allows the firm to take larger positions sizes tha index investor do.

He started out as a petroleum engineer for Unocal in California but found himself reading annual reports on weekends for fun. He thought it would be great if someone would pay him to do his hobby so he cold called investment firms until he found a job doing what he loves. 25 years later he is still amazed he was able to turn a fun hobby into a full-time career.

Michael is married with 2 children and does what he can to enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities Florida offers. He hikes, bikes, paddles, and runs where he can in and around SW Florida.